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If you are interested in registering your child at HAPA and would like more information, please contact Mrs. Pua Song at 414-382-4944 Ext: 309 or [email protected]  Feel free to download the Enrollment Application and the Enrollment Checklist to register your child.  This is only one piece of the application folder. You will have to come in the main office to pick up the rest of the registration packet. You will need to bring the Enrollment Application and any required documents to HAPA.  There will be other documents that are part of the enrollment process that will need to be completed at HAPA.

2019-2020 Enrollment Application

2019-2020 Enrollment Checklist

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The purpose of parent-teacher conferences is to form a partnership and strengthen the communication between the home and school to support students in their academics.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held in November, January, and March of each year. The January conference date is not required for all parents but is attended by parents who receive a request from their children’s teachers. During these meetings, teachers will discuss the student’s strengths and areas of improvement. It is also a time for parents to inquire about the strategies to implement at home, homework expectations and policy, grade level expectations, and other areas of concern or interest.

Bus Issues

HAPA provides the yellow bus transportation to most students to and from school each day. HAPA adheres to the Milwaukee Public Schools transportation policy. Ensuring that each child arrives to school and home safely is the goal of the school. However, we need parent cooperation in understanding the policy to effectively achieve this goal.

Food Service

Nutritious school meals (breakfast and lunch) offered are operated through the National School Lunch and National Breakfast Program in connection with the Milwaukee Public Schools system. The Department of School Nutrition supports academic achievement by providing students with high quality, nutritious meals, with an emphasis on exceptional customer service and financial responsibility.

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