Other Opportunities To Support

Donate to HAPA

As HAPA expand, we love to work with community organizations and individuals who share our vision. Our move into a new facility in the fall of 2010 opened the door for community members to give or get involved in new ways.

Wish List

  • Professionals who will partner with the Academy through their organizations to create opportunities in the fields of engineering, law, medical studies, business and humanities
  • Computer lab (Multiple Media Lab)
  • Functional science lab
  • Medicinal lab
  • Engineering lab
  • Functional engineering lab to house Project Lead The Way’s engineering studies
  • Computer lab
  • Fully functioning library (library books and materials)
  • Theater program materials
  • Playground for elementary students
  • Music and arts program equipment, instruments, and materials (e.g. piano, violins)
  • Hmong artifacts, artworks, traditional musical instruments, traditional designs in fabrics and clothing, written histories, photographs and newsreels of Vietnam that depict the Hmong as well as letters describing the encounters with the Hmong people prior to, during, and after WWII
  • Muralists who can help create authentic depictions of traditional Hmong life
  • Sponsors of field studies to enhance concepts taught in class
  • Sponsors of senior students on a field study to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos where they can connect with relatives and reconnect with their cultural roots. This field study will help students develop an appreciation for their vanishing history and refine their language skills
  • Vehicles for transportation needs (e.g. sport events, field studies)
  • Sports equipments