Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer at HAPA

Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Peace Academy Schools. We require that everyone – employees and volunteers alike – undergo background checks. Please fill out the attached forms, as they will provide the required information and enable us to contact you about volunteer opportunities.

Below is a checklist and description of the forms which you must complete:

    _Volunteer Interest Form – Please provide as much information as possible about your interests, preferences and availability. Submit this form to the school or program with which you would like to volunteer.

    _Criminal Background Check – Board of Education policy requires that prospective volunteers undergo a criminal background investigation. Please make sure that you complete and sign this form. No person can volunteer until a successful background check has been returned with a clear record evidenced. Submit this form to the school or program with which you will be volunteering.

    _Release Form – All prospective volunteers must be interviewed and approved by the principal of the school where you want to volunteer. Please complete the information that pertains to you. You must present an acceptable form of identification to the school principal. Bring all forms completed and I.D. to the interview.

    _Code of peaceful conduct – Read and sign the code of conduct to show your ability and commitment to comply with school rules, procedures, systems of authority and volunteer handbook expectations.