About Us


Our Story & History

In 2004, Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd. opened as the first Hmong Charter School in Wisconsin to respond to the struggle of Milwaukee Hmong families in maintaining the bond with their children necessary to teach basic values, exert discipline and express their love for them. Education became the source of hope for maintaining the Hmong culture and embracing the best American values as well as providing opportunities for success as productive citizens.

The Milwaukee Hmong community worked together to bring the school to life and is committed to growing the school to serve every Hmong child in the community. Student enrollment has grown from 200 to over 950. Currently, HAPA, Ltd. has successfully operated two charter schools. The first is a K4-8 charter school and the second is the International Peace Academy High School, which opened in the fall of 2008.


Core Values

The following core values drive Hmong American Peace Academy, LTD. decision-making at all levels.

Choice and commitment: Students, parents,faculty, staff, and board of directors choose to be committed to the goals of Hmong American Peace Academy and the success of each member of the school community.

High Expectations: Clearly defined expectations of excellence create a culture of achievement for all stakeholders.

Results-driven: Timely student performance data facilitates appropriate direction and intervention.

Joyfulness: Engaging the whole person in a joyful pursuit of learning establishes a desire for life-long service and fulfillment.

Respect for relationships: Meaningful and intentional relationships are a conduit to bring change, hope, and freedom.

Hmong culture preservation: Understanding and sharing Hmong history, culture and values empower students to thrive in multicultural America.

Peace education: Gaining skills to solve problems peacefully equips students to build peace at home, at school and in the larger community.

Hmong American Peace Academy

Visions for the Future

  • Students are global citizens, peace builders, and leaders who act as a bridge between their Southeast Asian culture and mainstream American culture.
  • Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd. is internationally known as a state-of-the-art model for education in providing services to bilingual and bicultural students and their families, is a resource for meeting the needs of Hmong families and a center for sharing and celebrating Hmong history, culture, and language.
  • Partnerships with the community provide knowledge, skills, and work opportunities in the core areas of medical, law, engineering, business, and humanities.