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Our Mission

HAPA provides scholars with rigorous academics, character development, and Hmong cultural values, preparing them to excel in colleges, universities and careers.  

Forever Forward

Vision for the Future

HAPA scholars enjoy college and career success, value Hmong cultural heritage, and exhibit responsible and peaceful leadership in local and global communities.

  • Scholars are global citizens, peace builders, and leaders who act as a bridge between their Southeast Asian culture and mainstream American culture.
  • Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd. is internationally known as a state-of-the-art model for education in providing services to bilingual and bi-cultural scholars and their families, is a resource for meeting the needs of Hmong families and a center for sharing and celebrating Hmong history, culture, and language.
Our History

About Us

In August of 2000, Dr. Chris Her-Xiong challenged Hmong community leaders to come together to create an organization that preserves the Hmong culture and language while helping scholars become active and knowledgeable citizens in America. With the guidance and technical support from others, the Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd., a non-profit (501c3) organization was established. In 2004, Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA) opened its doors as a non- instrumentality public charter school of the Milwaukee Public School system and as the first Hmong Charter School in Wisconsin. 

The Milwaukee Hmong community worked together to bring HAPA to life and is committed to growing the school to serve every Hmong child in the community. Scholar enrollment has grown from 200 in 2004 to now serving over 1,800 scholars and is recognized as one of Milwaukee’s highest performing schools.

Meet Our

Peace Builders

  • Mrs. Mai Shoua Xiong

    Human Resource
  • Mr. Luke McAvoy

    Intermediate Principal
  • Changzong

    HS Scholar
  • Devin

    MS Scholar
  • Eric

    MS Scholar
  • Malia

    Elementary Scholar
Becoming Peacebuilders

Core Values

Choice & Commitment

Students, parents, faculty, staff, and board of directors choose to be committed to the goals of Hmong American Peace Academy and the success of each member of the school community.

Results Driven

Timely student performance data facilitates appropriate direction and intervention.

Hmong Culture Preservation

Understanding and sharing Hmong history, culture and values empower students to thrive in multicultural America.

High Expectations

Clearly defined expectations of excellence create a culture of achievement for all stakeholders.


Engaging the whole person in a joyful pursuit of learning establishes a desire for life-long service and fulfillment.

Respect for Relationships

Meaningful and intentional relationships are a conduit to bring change, hope, and freedom.

Peace Education

Gaining skills to solve problems peacefully equips students to build peace at home, at school and in the larger community.

Grades 3rd-5th
HAPA Denver Campus
Mon - Fri7:15AM - 2:05PM

8202 West Denver Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53223

Phone: 414-797-2222

Grades K4-2nd and 6th-8th
HAPA Primary / Middle School
Mon - Fri7:00AM - 2:20PM

4601 North 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225

Primary School Phone: 414-383-4944 

Middle School Phone: 414-383-4740

Grades 9th-12th
HAPA High School
Mon - Fri7:00AM - 2:20PM

4601 North 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225

Phone: 414-797-2223

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