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Uniform Policy


Uniform Policy

The Hmong American Peace Academy believe that a positive school learning environment with a focus on safety, discipline and school unity are major factors in attaining high student achievement. We believe that wearing school uniforms is one way to meet this goal. 

The purpose of this Uniform Policy is to ensure that students dress appropriately for the school environment and in a way to express pride in themselves and their school.  As an Academy, our goal is to build a strong and united family through the HAPA Uniform Policy.  The HAPA Uniform Policy is established for the benefits of our students in terms of dressing for success.  In the professional world, employers require that employees dress properly at work.  Hence, our students are future leaders in this community and will be competing for the “best” jobs in Milwaukee and beyond.  Thus, the Academy desires that our students dress for success.  Students and parents can purchase the uniforms through Goldfish Uniforms. Download the files below for pricing and pictures of the new uniforms.

For information on uniform policy, click here.

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