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Student Leadership Programs

We lead our students to greatness

Student Leadership Programs

The Hmong American Peace Academy aims to develop the leader in each student. Our students are to become respectful leaders with a vision and conscience for justice in Milwaukee and the HAPA community. Professional training in leadership skills including personal management of emotions, funds, time, and opportunities are taught to the students through leadership courses and mentor relationships.

Students are afforded the opportunity to practice their leadership at community events hosted by the school, in after-school programs, and in their daily courses. Leadership not only builds confidence in students but also promotes a joyful acceptance of life’s responsibilities.

You may ask the high school office for the Youth Apprenticeship Application Form if you’re interested.


Internship Program

The Internship Program is a structured cooperative effort between businesses and HAPA designed to provide paid, part-time career-related employment opportunities to high school seniors who want to get a jumpstart in the world of work by experiencing real-life situations.

Students are enrolled in HAPA’s Internship Program in these areas:  Financial Services, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant and Dietary Aides.  Internship students develop their soft skills—interpersonal communication, writing, presentation and basic professional etiquette.