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College Prep & Readiness

Prepared and Confident

College Prep & Readiness

Currently, HAPA offers multiple opportunities for scholars to earn scholarships for college preparation programs at Wisconsin universities and colleges. Further opportunities are provided for scholars to take ACT test preparation courses. HAPA also hosts an annual college fair in early spring that draws top Wisconsin colleges and universities. Scholars gain further exposure to college life through school-sponsored events that take scholars to colleges in the area. We also invite college representatives to visit the school to share program opportunities. Financial planning assistance and events are also offered.  In addition, scholars are highly encouraged to participate in the precollege programs offered by the various universities in Wisconsin.

Below, we have listed the standard criteria needed for the College Admissions process. If you have any questions about any of the following, please see the School Counselor.

Application Form

Almost every College and University has an online application form for you to fill out. You can visit the Admissions Office webpage of your campus choice to register and apply. Be sure to answer all the questions correctly. If your school does require a personal statement or essay(s), see Personal Statement/Essay section.


Most schools will not require a resume. However, you may still submit one along with your transcript. Be sure to include your name and current contact information, education, your work, and volunteer experiences, activities you have participated in and awards you may have received and at least two references. Everything you mention should only be from your high school career (9th grade – 12th grade).

Personal Statement Essay

Most schools will require you to write a personal statement or essay when you apply. Our best advice is to write it up beforehand in a word document, save it and then copy and paste your response. That way you can have access to your essay at all times. You may also use the same essay for all of your applications, pending that they ask the same question. Just be sure to make changes to reflect that school.

You can visit the New Applicant Statement page on the UW Help website to obtain the Application Statement prompts for the UW System Schools.

Letter(s) of Recommendation

Some schools will not require a Letter of Recommendation. You may still submit one along with your transcript. It does not hurt to ask for the recommendations since it will only help the Admissions Office decide whether or not you are a great candidate for their school.

If you are asking your Teachers, Guidance Counselor or Supervisors, please remember to give them at least 2 weeks notice. A parent, relative, or friend will not count as someone who can write you a recommendation.

Fee Waiver

Scholars on free or reduced lunch qualify for a fee waiver on College application forms. Please check with the School Counselor to see if you qualify.


Once you have submitted your application, you will need to ask the School Counselor to submit an official copy of your transcript to the schools you have applied for.

Counselor Recommendation

Please see the School Counselor for the Counselor Recommendation Form.


Most Colleges and Universities require an ACT or SAT score to be admitted. Most students take the ACT during their junior year of high school. You may re-take the ACT. The School Counselor has some studying materials available to you if you need it.

Visit to register for the ACT and to learn more on how to prepare yourself and study for it.

Financial Aid

Every scholar can apply for Financial Aid. You will need your parent’s Income Tax information to fill out the form. Priority date to submit the FAFSA is March 15th.

Visit to apply and learn more information about the Financial Aid process.
Be sure to check with your College or University’s Financial Aid and Admissions Office to make sure you have all the necessary documents and application materials completed and submitted. Sometimes individual schools will have additional documents and forms needed to process the FAFSA and application form.

College Possible

HAPA has partnered up with College Possible to provide the best opportunities and success for our high school scholars. Select juniors and seniors are assigned a High School Coach to work with them.

College Possible is making college admission and success possible for low-income scholars through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. Our services include:

  • Academic support through ACT and SAT test preparation
  • College application assistance
  • Financial aid consulting
  • Guidance in the college transition
  • Support toward college degree completion
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