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We are thrilled you are interested in joining the HAPA Family. While we have a rich history of impact and growth, in many ways our story is still beginning.

With hard work and careful planning, HAPA has become a school community with high academic expectations, supported by abundant love, joyfulness, and reverence for cultural traditions. Now, HAPA aims to become one of the very best schools – without qualification– in Wisconsin, so that scholars gain the skills and values necessary to succeed in life and see their immigrant parents’ and grandparents’ dreams come to fruition. 

Our academic, administrative and operational teams play critical roles in the future trajectory of HAPA and its scholars, helping all of us live our promise to build a community of peace builders and lifelong learners who are transforming lives and leading the way out of poverty into a prosperous life of service. We are thrilled you are interested in joining our team!

Help Us Build A Community

We Are Hiring!

We currently are recruiting for many job positions. Please send your resume and cover letter to and we will be back in touch. We are always happy to hear from prospective candidates, even if a current position does not meet your skill set! We will keep your resume on hand for future opportunities.