We look forward to working with community organizations and individuals interested in sharing our vision.

Support HAPA

Our Great Story

Our growth over the years has opened the door for community members to give in new ways, especially as we reach the completion of construction on our new high school. We look forward to working with community organizations and individuals who are interested in sharing our vision of developing a small school system supported by a cultural and community center. Our growth to a new facility in the fall of 2010 has opened the door for community members to give in new ways.

For those community members who prefer to give financially, the school is most grateful for your support in helping offer programs and a suitable facility in which students can feel dignified. Gifts can be designated toward particular programs and services. For example, the new interactive Museum of Hmong History and Culture or Resource Center at HAPA’s new high school so students and families can engage in state-of-the-art academic programs.

All donations are tax-deductible as Hmong American Peace Academy is a nonprofit organization and non-instrumentality charter school. Thank you in advance for sharing in the joy of leading students toward a positive and productive future!

Volunteer Opportunities

Hmong American Peace Academy believes that collaborating with the community sustains a strong school culture and creates a rich learning environment for students. We are always looking to enlist volunteers. The community handbook gives greater detail about several ways to help with both current and future programming. Thank you community volunteers for showing our students how much you care!

How You Can Help

  • Partner with HAPA to provide college, career, and service opportunities to our students.
  • Attend or sponsor our next HAPA Community Event.
  • Tutor or mentor students or provide your expertise.
  • Serve as a committee member to assist with marketing, public relations, and fundraising.
  • Visit us to experience our unique approach to Hmong education.
  • Come build peace with us…


Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd. is an organization that has been acknowledged by outside auditors as a fiscally responsible organization since its opening year in 2004. A part of the school’s fiscal responsibility includes planning initiatives that look with foresight into the needs of the organization in upcoming years as well as partnering with outside organizations to share the burden of educational costs. In this way the school helps to avoid creating the additional burden of raised taxes on the local community who may not be able to give by partnering with those who can. Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd. invites the greater community and individual donors to join efforts with the school by selecting an area of donation in which they could partner to help create a world class educational opportunity for students here in Milwaukee.

To donate to Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd. by mail, please send donations to the address below:

HAPA Donations
4601 North 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225

Donate Services

Tutor and mentor, lead afterschool enrichment programs and clubs or serve as a committee member.
  • Landscaping design at our new facility
  • Skills by leading afterschool enrichment programs and clubs
  • Time and professional advice while serving as a committee member for one of our college career tracks
  • Kindness and concern as you mentor students so that they are confident and ready for college

Donate Opportunities

We invite the greater community and individual to help create a world class educational center in Milwaukee.
  • Host our students on field studies
  • Help provide us with a means of transportation for after school, recreational, athletic, and in school academic programming
  • Host our students as interns or field students in one of our career fields (engineering, medical studies, law, business, humanities)
  • Sponsor learning opportunities by acting as benefactor of student trips and experiences that help build background understanding and cultural knowledge

Donate Time

Volunteering is one way the community helps build our academic and enrichment programs.
  • Volunteer artistic talent in helping make our school a Hmong culture center
  • Work with students as a volunteer
  • Help our office staff during busy seasons
  • Come learn about the Hmong culture
  • Download our volunteer packet for more details

Wish List

  • Professionals who will partner with our school through their organizations to create opportunities in the fields of engineering, law, medical studies, business, and humanities
  • Functional science lab
  • Functional engineering lab to house Project Lead the Way engineering studies
  • Computer Lab
  • Theater program materials

Wish List

  • Playground for elementary students (for more information and to watch a video click here.)
  • Music and arts program equipment and materials (ex. Violins)
  • Hmong artifacts, traditional designs in fabrics and clothing, written histories, photographs, newsreels of Vietnam that depict the Hmong, letters describing the encounters with the Hmong people prior to, during, and after the war

Wish List

  • Muralists who can help create authentic depictions of traditional Hmong life
  • Sponsor senior students on a trip to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos where they can connect with relatives and reconnect with their cultural roots on a field study to help students develop an appreciation to maintain their vanishing history and refine their language skills

With your support we can make an impact.