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Support Us

Please consider donating to the HAPA Foundation to enrich the experiences of our scholars.


The mission of the Foundation is to enrich the experience of HAPA scholars, families, and staff; nurturing a culture of academic excellence, celebrating Hmong heritage, and building skills for lifelong success through community engagement, ambassadorship, and fundraising.


The purpose of the HAPA Foundation is to raise, manage, and distribute funds and other assets in partnership with the Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA, Ltd.), to support its mission and educational goals.

The outcome of this collaboration will be high-quality educational initiatives designed to meet the needs of HAPA scholars and the larger community.


The Foundation Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Foundation and for exercising oversight of its finances and policies. The Foundation Board will:

  • Establish volunteer capacity to act as fundraisers and ambassadors of HAPA.
  • Serve as a community-wide vehicle for organizational awareness and facilitate funding to support HAPA’s mission.

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Community Engagement: Katie Reinhart at